Hi, my name is Sabrina Bezerra Gondim and ever since I was able to hold a pencil, I fell in love with art. I’ve lived in five different countries: Spain, Brazil, The Netherlands, Mexico, and the United States.

While being exposed to all of those different cultures, it has given me the ability to appreciate different kinds of art and architecture. My passion for art was strengthened after taking advanced drawing class and an art seminar class my junior year of high school.

After taking those classes, it made me realized my real purpose in life. During the winter of 2019, I was given the opportunity to display a couple of my paintings and Installation artwork at local gallery in Broad Ripple, IN.

Since then I have decided to create my own website to be able to share my work, connect with other artist, grow my business, and to contribute to a sustainable environment.


Park Tudor School, Class of 2020-21, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Art Exhibitions/Shows

2019     Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, USA


2020     Social Media Marketing Certified, Brain Station, Online Course

2019     Arts Ambassador, Park Tudor School, Indianapolis, IN, USA

2018     Environmental and Interior Design Pre-College Summer Program, Syracuse University, NY, USA